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September 2009

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Chels again.

So I'm looking through quotes, and I realized that as silly as That 70's Show is, it actually slipped something good in there.

Opportunity does not knock, then knock again,
and then leave a note saying, "Sorry I missed you."

Kitty Forman: All families are embarrassing. If they aren't embarrassing they're dead.

And that you can learn a lot of things from Kelso...

Look, Jackie, I don't really know how to say this but... I don't want your stupid stuffed animals in my van.
[Jackie gasps and exits]
No, wait, Jackie! I didn't say *you're* stupid. Just all the stuff you like!

Kelso: Hi, I'd like an order of books, please.
Brooke: Could you be more specific?
Kelso: Could you be more beautiful?
Brooke: Could you be more lame?
Kelso: Yes.

But everyone still loves him anyways...

Donna: Kelso, I'm gonna miss you trying to grab my boob... it makes me feel pretty. God, I'm sad.

That Hyde and Jackie have the weirdest relationship EVER...

[Steven hits Jackie's new boyfriend because he calls her a bitch]
Jackie Burkhardt: Steven, what happened?
Steven Hyde: What? Nothing... just... somebody and then... the guy said 'bitch' and there's nothing.
Jackie Burkhardt: Oh, my God. He called me a bitch and you hit him. And that's what happened, isn't it?
Steven Hyde: ...No?
Jackie Burkhardt: Liar. I AM the bitch. And you LOVE me.

That Donna and Jackie have the weirdest FRIENDSHIP ever...

Donna Pinciotti: Excuse me Jackie, when did you lose your soul?
Jackie Burkhardt: Cheerleading camp.

That there's a point when your parents stop being counselors...

[Eric catches his parents having sex, and they find out]
Kitty Forman: Red, say something.
Red Forman: It's more fun than it looks.

That even if everyone hates you for it, high self-confidence will ALWAYS keep you happy...

Jackie Burkhardt: Look, the sooner you realize I'm a genius, the better off we'll both be.

And that you should be really glad that you don't have perverted friends.

[Donna and Kelso are hiding under a bed]
Donna Pinciotti: Is that your hand on my ass?
Michael Kelso: It was an accident.
Donna Pinciotti: Kelso, your hand's still on my ass.

Fez: I am so excited about Star Whores.
Steven Hyde: Fezzy, man... Star Wars.
Fez: Screw that.

Eric: Panties. Glorious panties.

I mean, I have sick-minded friends, but they don't actually try anything. There's a fine line.